Darryl Littleton aka D'Militant produces comedy CDs, as well as books on the history of comedy, its evolution and application.   The preservationist covers eras as diverse as the party record age, the Comedy Boom and American Revolution.  The genre of female comedy is explored and the way to make people laugh.   If you're a fan of the art of humor these titles are essential for your collection.

This definitive oral history features 125 of the industry's most influential comedians giving their insights into the history of black comedy.  From the pre-slavery days, the journey of those artists of African descent into the world of entertainment is traced with depth and candor.  Bios on the giants of the genre along with photos makes this a true collector's treasure.
HOW TO BE FUNNY: The Essential Comedy Handbook


This manual will take the novice and the professional through the various stages of making people laugh.  Not just for comedians, it is a guide for anyone in a vocation where humor is key to success or failure: from salespeople to public speakers, politicians to the clergy.   If getting a favoravble reaction from humans is part of your gig this instructional book takes you back to the basics and thrust you forward into the realm of comedic possibilities.   Learn the art of ad-libbing, presentation, heckler handling, joke writing, branding, effective methods of getting your message across concisely, how to play the various mediums and more. 

COMEDIENNES: Laugh be a Lady

Comediennes pays homage to the females throughout the herstory of comedy.  Starting in the 10th Century and taking us into the modern era we'll learn about women in the minstrel era, vaudeville, radio, films, early television, recordings, Laugh-In, In Living Color, SNL, talk shows and concerts.  This book gives you all your favorites.   From the bawdy humor of Mae West and her disciples to the caustic wit of Joan Rivers to the political jabs of Moms Mabley and the outright rawness of Lawanda Page, you'll get bios of Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Margaret Cho, Imogene Coca, Gilda Radner and many more ; with tales of what being a comedienne is all about by today's vets like Luenell Campbell, Dominique, Kym Whitley and Adele Givens.    It's the perfect read for that perfect lady in your life; even if that's you. 


ISBN 978-1477560211

Forefathers is a satirical look at the American Revolution through the eyes of a black man.  This insider gives the true stories behind revered figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John & Samuel Adams, Betsy Ross, Patrick Henry, James & Dolly Madison, John Hancock, Crispus Attucks, Paul Revere, Sally Hemmings, George Washington and the rest.  The binge drinking, blatant drug abuse, flagrant womanizing and various obsessions are all covered in this vibrant, laugh-filled retelling of America in its enfancy and the characters who fought for its independence. 

PIMP DOWN: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams

ISBN 978-1467991315

This compelling insider's view of the most meteoric career in comedy takes the reader deep into the world of 21st Century fame. The tantrums, drugs, lavish hotels, sexual exploits, booze, expensive cars, multiple suicide attempts, private jets, fans, celebrity worship, swanky homes, sycophants, tour disputes, jail time, court dates, gang hits, fat cigars, media persecution and betrayals are all chronicled.


Preserving a Dying Art Form


ISBN 978-1983976063


This a comprehensive study of making people laugh. Written by Comedy Hall of Fame board member and Emmy nominated writer, Darryl Littleton this book covers such vital topics as Comedy Fundamentals, Joke Writing, Comedy Styles, Performance Techniques and Work Opportunities.   Invaluable advice to guide any comedian onto the road of success is given by many of comedy’s top legends: 
Don Rickles, Dave Attell, Robin Harris, Franklyn Ajaye, Louie Anderson, Bernie Mac,  Katt Williams, Dick Gregory, Mort Sahl, Paul Rodriguez,Reynaldo Rey, Sid Caesar, Lewis Black, Jamie Foxx,  Norman Lear, George Wallace, Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker, Carl Reiner, Phyllis Diller,, Bill Burr, Shelley Berman,  George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Rodney Winfield, Steve Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried and many more.  

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THIS DAY IN COMEDY: The Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter

ISBN  978-1-63424-262-2

This literary first covers comedians, sitcoms, movies, concert specials, album releases and all the pivotal events in Black, Latin Asian, Middle-Eastern and Native -American comedy.  With the foreword and introduction wirtten by comedy lef=gends marsha Warfield and Frankyn Ajaye respectively, this is a collectors item for all lovers of comedy.  It also offers a first in piblishing - links at the end of each entry so you can watch your comedy as well.  



This Day in Comedy Collector Edition

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our history present



ISBN-13: 979-8559388830

Action / Adventure drive the lives of The Fellas, a group of 10 year Black buddies who can't wait to get out of school and into a lot of fun and danger. This amazing story of space travel and monster battling was written by the author when he was 10 years old and has that spark and wonder that only youth can capture. The prefect universal present for the child in your family or the child in you.



ISBN-13: 978-1979055918

BLACK REVENGE is a collection of true stories from well-known celebrities who were viewed as stereotypes and turned the tables on their would-be abusers to get the best of them. Featuring D.L. Hughley, Michael Colyar, Guy Torry, Roy Wood, Jr., George Wallace, Karlous Miller, Thea Vidale, Alonzo Bodden, Cocoa Brown, Nate Jackson, Paul “Smokey” Deese, Joey Wells, Don Reed, Eddie Bryant, May May Ali, Reginald “Bruh Man” Ballard, Shuckey Duckey, Angela Means, Mystro Clark, Buddy Lewis, Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson, Ajai Sanders, Talent, Joe Recca, Lady Tuezdae, Willie Brown, Hope Flood, Bo P, Erika Edwards, Joe Blount, Jemmerio, Jay Reid, Brad Sanders, Ian Edwards, Andre Lavelle, Gerard Guillory, Angie Dallas Montgomery, Cortney Gee, Daniel Dugar, Anthony Demmer, Dr. Robert Keith Wyatt, Derrick Ellis, Daran Howard, Laura Hayes, Stevie Mack, Bruce Jingles, Curtis Arceneaux, All D. Freeman, D. d. Rainbow, Tony Spires, E, Raymond Brown, Brandon Jackson, Charles Patrick Gooch, Ken Spearman, & Tommy Chunn, these hilarious fables will have you laughing your tail off.




This comic strip version of the comedian takes us on his eye-opening journey to discover the seedy underbelly of Donald J. Trump including his blatant examples of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslimism, Benedict Arnoldism and chauvinism. Enjoy the radical, D’Militant’s non-stop, action-filled odyssey to destroy the enemy of the people.