is a year packed with the events and images from the soundtrack of every music lover's life.    From the worlds of Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Classical, Disco, and Fusion, this daily celebration of the artists and their music is not only a calendar, but a fun reference guide and keepsake.   Compiled by Emmy nominated writer, Darryl Littleton this calendar will let you discover new things about some of your favorite musicians and acquaint you with great acts not currently on your radar.   If you like music in your life you need THIS DAY IN MUSIC 2021 CALENDAR. 

Darryl Littleton is a gifted comic who knows how to write and that's very very rare; there are brilliant black comics out there but most are not writers and you have brilliant black writers who are not comedians.   Thank you Darryl for working so hard to capture our history.   You make us all proud.

Dick Gregory


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